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Kōena Spa offers over 50,000 sq ft of unique facilities.

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Ho’olua Hot Pool

Our hot bath is designed to immerse you in a deep and invigorating relaxation. Let the warmth soothe your muscles and mind, while you bask in the serene surroundings. A thermal escape that awakens the senses and rejuvenates the soul.

Nahua Hot Pool

Step into a realm of tranquility and serenity with our Nahua hot pool. Allow the gentle embrace of warmth to caress your body, melting away tension, as you immerse yourself in a profound peace. A thermal haven where wellness and harmony converge, welcoming you into a restorative escape.

Pohina Tempered Pool with Waterfall

Let the gentle whisper of the waterfall transport you into deep relaxation, striking the perfect balance between coolness and warmth. Pohina is a sanctuary of serenity, where water gracefully dances with nature, offering you a pure moment of escape.

Kêhau Cold Pool

Designed to stimulate circulation and revitalize your senses, this pool offers a thoroughly refreshing experience. A must-visit stop to complete your wellness journey and benefit from the effects of the thermal cycle.

Relaxation Gazebo

Find refuge in our relaxation gazebo, an oasis designed to provide you with a moment of escape, sheltered from the elements. Under its protective roof, warm yourself by the gentle crackling of a fire while being lulled by the serene ambiance that prevails.

Pohala Hammam

An invitation to travel into the heart of oriental wellness traditions. In this enclave of warm steam, your body is enveloped by moist heat that purifies, hydrates, and deeply relaxes. The subtle aromas that emanate create an atmosphere conducive to meditation and profound relaxation.

Pa’akai Himalayan Salt Room

Inspired by ancient salt caves, the Pa’akai room promotes deep relaxation while naturally purifying respiratory pathways. Each breath delivers beneficial negative ions, inviting you to leave stress behind and revitalize your body and spirit. A sensory immersion where well-being and beauty meet.

‘A.pona Exfoliation Room

Allow the combination of mineral salts and essential oils to gently exfoliate, purify, and hydrate your skin. The soothing atmosphere of the ‘A.pona room encourages skin regeneration, leaving your epidermis soft, smooth, and revitalized. A true metamorphosis for your skin and a tribute to your well-being

Well-being and beauty for the mind, body and soul. Kōena is pleased to offer a range of treatments in our spa.

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A haven of peace punctuated by the thermal cycle.



The great Kōena Escape

Access all day and includes access to the entire site (baths, saunas, rest rooms)

From Monday to Thursday
$ 49.00*
From Friday to Sunday
$ 59.00*
*Price per person

The small Kōena Escape

Evening access from 6 p.m. and includes access to the entire site (baths, saunas, rest rooms)

From Monday to Thursday
$ 39.00*
From Friday to Sunday
$ 49.00*
*Price per person

Our massages and treatments: Feel peaceful wellbeing

Exfoliation. Massages. Aesthetic treatments. Facial treatments. Our Gatineau massage therapists and aesthetic team work entirely for your well-being… from head to toe!

Beauty care.
Facial treatments.
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Kōena is a Hawaiian word meaning “balance”. The tropical paradise of the Hawaiian Islands embodies the culture of wellness and slow living. This is what we want you to experience during your getaway at Kōena Spa in Gatineau.

— Kōena

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Kōena Bistro

Discover the Kōena Bistro, a gourmet oasis in the heart of our spa. Combining serenity and flavors, our bistro offers a carefully crafted menu to complement your wellness experience. Savor fresh and nutritious dishes, made from seasonal local ingredients. Whether it’s a soothing tea, a revitalizing smoothie, a festive cocktail, or a light snack, the Kōena Bistro is the ideal place to nourish your body and spirit.

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‘Ono Lounge Restaurant

This space, blending refinement and friendliness, invites you to taste dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of the world, revisited with a modern touch. Each plate is a celebration of flavors, designed to awaken your senses. Pair your meal with a selection of wines or a signature cocktail in a soothing environment.

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