5 things to do in Aylmer

11 April 2022

Do you live far away and want to take a trip to the Outaouais region for your holidays? The Aylmer area is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the great chapters of the city’s history. To relax in our Nordic baths and enjoy unique and fun activities. Aylmer will be your next destination to create memories in the beautiful and peaceful facilities. Here are 5 suggestions of activities to do during your visit to the Outaouais region.

Symmes Inn

It’s the place to learn about the history of the city. Built-in 1831 by Charles Symmes, founder of Aylmer. The house which is now a museum, presents and tells the story of the characters who made a difference in the municipality. In addition, we understand why the inn was the largest relay in the Ottawa River and land transportation network.

The marina of Aylmer 

Right next to the Symmes Inn is the Aylmer Marina. A place that is highly coveted by citizens. Whether it’s for a peaceful walk, a swim in the Ottawa River, a picnic with loved ones, or even to admire the beautiful scenery. An oasis of peace and unforgettable moments await you.

The Old-Aylmer

The area of Old-Aylmer has an incomparable charm and atmosphere, people like to go there to walk and discover the different infrastructures and heritage that have remained there for hundreds of years. Walking along the main street, you will be entertained by many small shops that are absolutely adorable and charming.

Cabaret La Basoche

Do you want to end your day by watching a good show at low prices? You will have the chance to watch artists from here and elsewhere perform. Whether it is intimate shows, world rhythms, theater, humor, or even blues, you will find everything so that the pleasure is at the rendezvous. This wonderful place will allow you to discover new cultural horizons and take you on a wave of confident emotions.

Weekend activity: the Eardley Vegetable Garden

Do you want to end your stay in the Outaouais with a fun and different activity? The Eardley Vegetable Garden is a family-run vegetable farm that offers several unique activities. To start the day, you will have access to the fields for picking several fruits and pumpkins. Then you can go see the animals at the mini-farm. If you have a small craving after your picking, a small market lies in the Eardley house, you will find a small creamery with the best ice cream and sorbet in town. Finally, for the little ones, a playground is available to spend energy on before departure. The vegetable garden will certainly offer you a complete and unique experience.

Indeed, Aylmer is a resplendent city with many activities and attractions to discover. Pleasure, relaxation, and happiness await you at Spa Koena, your haven of peace where you can enjoy the full resort, our hotel where you can sleep peacefully and comfortably, and our restaurants or taste tasty dishes. Finally, the activities on offer will entertain you and make you enjoy our wonderful region. Come and see us and let us spoil you. We are waiting for you.