5 things to do in Gatineau

11 April 2022

Take advantage of your getaway at Kōena Spa to explore the wonders of Gatineau. Although there are many things to do in our beautiful region, we have emerged a top 5 activities to do, for all tastes.

For outdoor fans 

Gatineau Park is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy the outdoors. This national capital park is 361 square kilometres. Access to the park is free and you will find several parking points on site.

There is a wide variety of activities to be done in Gatineau Park, both in summer and winter. You could go running, walking, or during the winter season, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Mountain biking is a very popular activity to do in the park as well. Nomades du parc gives you the opportunity to rent mountain bikes for the day if you want to try or practice this sport.

For foodies 

La Cigale is an ice cream shop located a few minutes from Gatineau, in Chelsea. It is the ideal place for a small afternoon outing on hot summer days. Their menu is quite varied, you will find ice cream sandwiches, banana splits, shakes as well as, of course, ice cream. If there is one flavor to try, it is lavender. Its small floral taste makes all the difference.

For beer lovers 

The Bas-Canada brewery is a local brewery that offers out-of-the-ordinary microbrewery beers. Because of their great variety, we are talking about a hundred different beers, you can be sure that you will find a beer that will please you. The brewery has two locations, one in the Gatineau sector and one in the Hautes-Plaines sector.

As you can see on their website, the design of the cans is quite special and original. In fact, each can design is unique and has been created by several artists from the National Capital Region. In addition to tasting good beer, you encourage our local artists!

For lovers of culture 

Speaking of local artists, the Gatineau Cultural Trail connects many of the region’s interactions, urban works, and exhibition sites. The trail is 3 kilometers, so book an hour of your day depending on your pace. During your journey, you will be able to listen to various capsules and chronicles about the city of Gatineau.

The cultural trail also offers the poetic route, where you could read more than 30 poetic extracts from different poets of the region. The programming for the summer of 2022 will be unveiled during June, but nothing prevents you from walking on the trail to see the works already present.

To support local 

A few steps from the cultural trail, you will find the Outaouais market, a non-profit solidarity cooperative that offers a wide variety of local products. Since its creation in 2008, some 100 Outaouais producers have had the opportunity to sell their products at this location. You will find food, household products, crafts, body care, sweets, and many others. This is a must-see in the region when you visit Gatineau. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of producers in the region, and it is very important to support them.

Gatineau is a city full of activities, no matter the season. Take the opportunity to visit it after your visit with us at Kōena Spa. We can’t wait to see you!