Aesthetic treatments

Facial treatments

All our facials include a hand, foot and scalp massage.

Basic cleansing facial

$95 for 60 minutes

Basic care (cleaning) of Payot. This facial cleanses and moisturizes the skin in depth. In order to hydrate and plump the skin, a glass cryosphere massage is included during the mask break.

Anti-aging facial treatment

$135 for 60 minutes

In addition to the basic facial, this anti-aging facial helps prevent or diminish the signs of aging skin. It moisturizes deep down to give skin a younger, healthier look.

Treating facial care

$120 for 60 minutes

This facial treatment adapts to the characteristics and needs of your skin. It also includes a Super Shots bulb that provides a targeted result corresponding to a specific need and a basic cleansing facial.


Facial GUA SHA

$125 for 60 minutes

Derived from Chinese rituals, this facial promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation and significantly reduces signs of fatigue. With lightly applied pressure, the handcrafted Gua Sha stone massage tool, which is a natural anti-aging rose quartz, helps relieve tension and facilitates the absorption of skin care products into the skin’s surface.

Supreme youth facial treatment

150 $ for 60 min
A new comprehensive anti-aging experience using an advanced protocol to boost your skin’s elasticity and add firmness. This facial uses quality ingredients such as iron, vitamin C and sea fennel extract to help prevent wrinkles and tighten tissue. Rich in Beta Carotene, this seaweed with antioxidant properties strengthens the skin’s defences and helps give resistance to the connective tissue.

Energetic Facial

155$ for 60 minutes

This facial treatment stimulates fibroblasts and accelerates cell renewal. After an assessment of your lifestyle, a gemstone is selected to best suit your skin characteristics and related needs. The treatment works deep into your tissues using massage techniques and cups for an instant smoothing and plumping effect, and an immediate physical and mental well-being.


Foot care


Enjoy a relaxing and hydrating foot treatment. It includes a hot towel wrap, exfoliation with exfoliation cream, cuticle and callus removal, an invigorating foot massage to increase circulation, a nourishing mask wrap and polish application.

  • Pedicure without nail polish: $75
  • Pedicure with regular nail polish: $85
    • *The bottle of nail polish is offered to you after your treatment.
  • Pedicure with shellac varnish: $85


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