Preventive measures for Covid-19

In order to ensure the health and safety of all and a visit in compliance with the health requirements issued by public health, we ask that you respect certain restrictions.


We operate at low capacity so that social distancing can be respected throughout the site.
A maximum number of clients is allowed inside the establishments. Our team ensures a constant verification of the facilities.


Vaccine passport

As of September 1st, the vaccine passport is required to access our restaurant (dining room) and our bistro (grab and go). It is also required for the consumption of beverages and cocktails on the site.

It’s not necessary for the thermal experience, treatments and massages.

Upon your arrival:

  • Wash your hands at the entrance by stopping at our sanitary station;
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory indoors or in partially covered areas;
  • We ask all our guests to answer several health question upon arrival;
  • Maintain a physical distance of one meter;
  • Protective equipment is at your disposal;

Before the spa experience:

  • It is mandatory to take a shower;
  • You will receive clean towels.

During the spa experience:

  • Wash your hands frequently;
  • Maintain a physical distance of 2 metres;
  • Numerous hand sanitizing stations are available on site;
  • Apply respiratory hygiene measures, including coughing into the crease of the elbow;
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory indoors and in partially covered areas;
  • The mask must be worn during your massage or treatment.
    **Except for facial treatments **
  • We ask that you maintain social distancing in the relaxation room;
  • Every hours, our employees make sure to tour the site to disinfect all surfaces;
  • Our spaces have been organized to take into account the new regulations:
  • Our employees disinfect all our facilities.

After the spa experience:

  • It is mandatory to take a shower.

Our Installations

The Kōena Spa has implemented all the measures recommended by public health. To ensure compliance with health and safety standards, one of our teams is responsible for disinfecting the site. In addition, more preventive measures have been put in place:

  • Ground patches to ensure compliance with the one-meter rule;
  • Several disinfection stations are accessible;
  • At the entrance of each sauna, a limited number of people are registered;
  • A locker is assigned to maximize compliance with the one-meter rule;
  • Social distancing at the Bistro Kōena in accordance with capacity;
  • Employees wear masks and goggles (with the exception of the site: only a mask).


*If you have symptoms of Covid-19, including fever and cough, or have been in contact with an affected person, we ask that you postpone your visit.

**We reserve the right to deny access to the spa to anyone with symptoms.

360 training for our employees

Our employees have been carefully trained to provide you with a safe experience. In addition to having raised our sanitary requirements, we have set up a team dedicated to the sanitization and cleaning of our facilities. Guided by a sense of solidarity, our employees are specialized and ready to welcome you in a safe and relaxing environment. For that reason, they are required to wear masks and meticulously clean their workstations.

It is important to note that we rigorously monitor the health of our employees while ensuring that we offer them a safe work environment. Moreover, the Kōena Spa is committed to providing them with the necessary assistance in case of questions or concerns.