What to do in Aylmer this fall!

18 September 2023

Fall in Aylmer is simply magical. The multicolored leaves paint the landscape, and the crisp air invites us to go out and savor every moment. If you plan to visit Aylmer, located in Outaouais, at this time of year, here’s a list of the best things to do for an unforgettable experience.

  • Kōena Spa: Enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation at Kōena Spa. Let yourself be carried away by the zen ambiance, float in our outdoor hot tub while admiring the colorful foliage, or treat yourself to a soothing massage. It’s the perfect place to recharge.
  • Resort Experience at Château Cartier: The resort experience at Château Cartier is a must in Aylmer. Between the elegant hotel, the urban spa, the majestic golf course, and the two exquisite restaurants, KaTO and ONŌ, your stay will be fulfilled. Whether you’re a couple, family, or friends, there’s something for everyone.
  • Strolls on Main Street: Aylmer’s streets are breathtaking in the fall. Take a walk and breathe in the fresh air, visit local markets, cafes, and the many local shops along the way.
  • Vieux-Aylmer Market: Until October 1st, be sure to visit the Vieux-Aylmer Market. Artisanal products, local specialties, juicy fruits, and crisp vegetables – everything is there to delight your taste buds. It’s also an opportunity to meet local producers and artisans, share a friendly moment, and discover the craftsmanship of our beautiful region.
  • Aylmer Marina: Autumn is the ideal time to appreciate the serenity of Aylmer Marina. The changing colors of the trees reflecting on the water create a natural tableau of stunning beauty. Take a stroll along the docks, admire the moored boats, and let yourself be enveloped by the tranquility of the place.

Aylmer in autumn is truly a must-visit destination! Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, or cultural discoveries, this charming town has it all. Make the most of it and turn your stay into a memorable moment!