Our bathing facilities

Our spa facilities: a spa that will give you a Nordic bath experience inspired by the four elements

Wander through the 40,000 sq. ft. of Kōena Spa. Each rest room, each bath, each sauna is a haven of peace, a respite from your bustling life.


Push the doors of Mahana or Wela, our two dry saunas, and let yourself be enveloped by a breath of gentle warmth. There, in this bubble sheltered from the world, your aspiration for calm and serenity awaits you.

Let yourself be guided by the melodious rhythms of our five relaxation rooms. Inside and outside, these odes to nature and happiness will soothe you and ease the pressure of everyday life.


Under the garden pavilion, in the Ahi Room or at the Kōena Bistro, you can let yourself be hypnotized by the dance of the undulating flames of our fireplaces. In the dancing glow of the blazing fire, plunge into a meditative torpor.

Continue your escapade in the Ho’o.la room where you will be bathed in a relaxing light. Lie down on a deckchair and let yourself be captivated by the soft and ever-changing colours.


Take the stone path. You will then discover the ‘A.pona room. Collect a handful of sea salt. Its granular texture will exfoliate your skin to free it of its impurities.

Then inhale the salty air of the Pa’akai room. When you close your eyes, the aroma of the walls covered with Himalayan salt will almost make you feel as if you are by the sea.

Inhale. Exhale.

Now it is time to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. The menu at Kōena Bistro is inspired by the best nature has to offer.

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Outdoors, alternate heat and cold. First, in the Pohala, the humid heat of the steam bath embraces you.

Then, the Kêhau bath will cool you down with the invigorating cold of its water.

Finally, your steps will guide you to our three hot baths, Ho’olua, Pohina and Nahua. There, in full communion with nature, bathe in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

In your tranquility, have you noticed the Pohina Bath Cave? Let yourself float lazily to this little piece of paradise where hydromassage jets will relax your body’s muscles.

Kōena: the four elements in balance

In our mind, massages are inseparable from spas. For the ultimate getaway, let yourself be tempted by a massage or our aesthetic treatments.

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